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Our Commitment
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The Department of Energy will complete demolition of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant process buildings safely, delivering on our mission to fully clean up the Portsmouth site. We will build trust with our community partners through timely, transparent release of monitoring data and other project information and we will maintain an open dialogue throughout the project.

Protecting Workers, the Community,
& the Environment.

This website is intended to be a resource for stakeholders and other interested members of the public seeking information about D&D at Portsmouth.

It will provide the regular release of environmental monitoring data, background information on the project and answers to frequently asked questions as well as information about engagement opportunities and points of contact for additional questions/comments.

Current Status: Green

  • Green

    All recent data is below protective limit.

  • Yellow

    Non-radiological environmental events such as wildfires.

  • Red

    Recent data has temporarily been above a protective limit

  • Weekly

    Please click here for more information on weekly reporting. 

  • Monthly

    Please click here for more information on monthly reporting.

  • Quarterly

    Please click here for more information on quarterly reporting.

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Have Questions?

Please contact Greg Simonton, DOE at


Located at the Portsmouth facility, Greg Simonton is responsible for communications to the community, stakeholder involvement, and a number of other roles.