The first load of impacted soil from the X-740 Plume Excavation Project is placed into Cell 1 at the PORTS On-Site Waste Disposal Facility.

Waste Placement

The OSWDF is a specially engineered disposal facility with  a multi-layer liner and cap system on competent bedrock  designed to consolidate and contain demolition debris and  soil into one centralized disposal area that protects public  health and the environment.  

The final impacted material disposal area footprint will occupy about  100 acres in the northeast portion of the DOE reservation. This area of  the DOE reservation also offers geological conditions that will provide  the most protection to human health and the environment.

Waste Acceptance Criteria

All demolition debris and waste materials must meet  the strict requirements of Ohio and U.S. environmental  laws before it can be placed into the On Site Waste  Disposal Facility (OSWDF). This set of requirements is  called the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC). The WAC  is a strict and systematic approach for choosing the  right types of waste and right disposal methods to  protect the public, environment and wildlife.

The first excavation of potentially contaminated soil gets underway to remove sources of potential groundwater contamination and provide fill dirt for the On-Site Waste Disposal Facility at Portsmouth.