Building Hazards Eliminated

Prior to Demolition

  • From 2011-2020, DOE and contractor Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth conducted a lengthy and thorough deactivation process of the X-326 building to identify, characterize and remove the majority of radiological and chemical hazards prior to demolition.


  • This process included more than 1,000,000 measurements on the process piping and components to determine if levels of material would exceed the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for the On Site Waste Disposal Facility (OSWDF).


  • If located, the contaminated items were carefully removed from the X-326 and staged for further evaluation or decontamination.


  • Deactivation also included the removal of more than 7,000
    process components, safely shipped off site for disposal.


  • The building was declared “Criticality Incredible” in 2020, an important step toward ensuring such a building may be safely demolished.
Workers move a transite siding panel from the X-326 Process Building in preparation for wrapping and removal.